Social media- is it really all so bad?

Social media channels can be great way to feel inspired or feel ‘connected’ to your favourite celebs. It can be a great ‘mish-mash’ of experiences shared and general loveliness spread by people who share similar views and even somewhere to rally some help. It can also be a terrible place for people who may feel inadequate about aspects of their life, a space that allows fat-shaming or ugly opinions and unnecessary comments, posted by keyboard warriors, looking to rattle someone else reading it. 

Personally, I love them. I have my favourites- Instagram and Twitter, if you must know- and I personally view them as platforms to share snippets or silly moments from my life. I recognise them as very separate platforms and appreciate their own unique style of sharing snippets of ‘life’. I enjoy reading lots of different views and news shared on twitter, learning about a whole range of stories from around the world, that I wouldn’t usually come across. In fact, I use Twitter to impress, as I get ‘up to date’ breaking news or scandal and can quickly share it with anyone who will listen. I network on Twitter, find out about local events that I may have missed otherwise and I have even secured bits of work that I would not have been made aware of.

I love Instagram for it’s very simple-yet-effective feed of images and videos. Endlessly scrolling through streams of pictures of food, dogs and celebs sharing bits from their own lives. However, I have also seen that both platforms can, on occasion, be equally as unkind and awful. I have personally had people disagree outright on Twitter and even found myself being trolled by someone who clearly spent a lot of time arguing against people for various thoughts on there. I have also found Instagram a bit overwhelming sometimes, with glossy images of impossibly good looking people in gym wear or sharing flawless snaps of themselves ‘falling out of bed’ looking ridiculously polished and picture-perfect.

Whilst I am a fan of social media, I also recognise it has a more ‘anti-social’ side, the cross tweet sent in response to something you don’t really understand but feel obliged to give your ‘two cents’ on. I can see why people would start to feel bad about their own lives or body, thanks to the endlessly glossy images shared from Insta-influencers who appear to have it all figured out. They don’t, obviously, have it all- they are just choosing to share one aspect of their life that portrays that they do.

Like everything else in life, I personally feel social media channels do have their place. They assist families and friends in keeping contact, when separated by oceans, or connect people in the same area, whose paths may not have otherwise crossed. It is a great way to explore, learn and express yourself but it can also create divide or offense. Sadly, it is usually the negative aspects of social media that makes the headlines, not the positive, great side of it and I think that’s a real shame.